Wallpapers Calendar : October 2008

终于,都来得及拍到一张照片来做十月份的月历墙纸 😳 。到了安邦的Look Out Point和老婆享用我的生日晚餐,欣赏着灯火明亮的吉隆坡夜景,还下着绵绵细雨。这样的天气让薄薄的雾覆盖了整个夜景,为了达到更好看的效果(和掩盖我这菜鸟技术 😳 ),用Photoshop在天空的部份加上蓝和紫的渐变层,使天空看起来鲜艳和舒服。希望你会喜欢 🙂

Finally got a shot for my wallpaper calendar before the 1st half of the October past  😳 . Shoot at Look Out Point last night while have my birthday dinner there with Ting, but the view is foggy caused by rain,  (and also my poor skill 😳 ), so i post process the sky part by adding a gradient layer (Blue to Purple) to made the colour more vibrant and harmony. Hope you all like it  🙂

Download : [download#3#size]
Download : [download#4#size]
Download : [download#5#size]
Download : [download#6#size]


  1. Look Out Point 的确是个不错的拍拖胜地,难怪那么多年轻情侣上山看夜景。

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