Tiger in Nike

A little surprise Malaysia National Football Team wearing Nike in 2007, after such a long term sponsorship from Adidas.

New kits looks cool, but I wonder will it help to improve our “deep fall” football level? It was long time ago since i watch national team play, it’s made me watch live telecast between national team versus Thailand in Asian Cup qualifying Group match. Obviously, our football level doesn’t improve much on tactic, technique, skill, physical and mental. But good sign is, few players are shown great determination and spirit, some promising ideas from the players as well.

I think the new national team kits is the most “expensive” kits among other country in the tournament, at least top of the “other” chart, lol. However, hope the national team can really lift up our world football ranking, not just a team wearing a nice kits but doesn’t get any result.

Lastly, “Malaysia Boleh~!”

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