Wallpapers Calendar : February 2009

新的一年,新的开始。希望“万象更新”,把过去不好的事物忘掉,迎接新鲜的未来。 在新年期间随手乱拍,结果“幸运”的只剩这张(还可以看的)鲜红的花,乱中有序,红绿谐调,个人还蛮喜欢的,希望能点缀你二月份的电脑桌面 🙂 New year, new start. Hope everyone have a fresh start towards own future. Just took some snapshots during Chinese New Year break, “luckily” there is only one (presentable) photo left for me to made the 2009 February wallpaper. I personally like the harmony of colors and compo kind of “mess in rules”,… Continue reading Wallpapers Calendar : February 2009