Flashback – Part 1

Sometime, some funny scenes flash back in my mind, it’s all happened around me, it’s sweet, and will make me smile when suddenly cross into my mind. Below is some of the scenes i remember, enjoy!


对我来说,做什么事情都需要节奏感。不只唱歌,工作、运动、阅读、呼吸、感情等等都需要节奏感。抓到节奏感后,做什么都比较顺畅,有条理而不乱。 然而,不是每次都顺利地找到节奏感。有时某某因素会把节奏感打乱,然后要重新找回。一次又一次的打乱,都需要时间找回,时间长短关乎零乱程度。当节奏感乱到无法收拾的地步之后,可能会让你吐血重伤,或惊呼狂叫,在不然就是突如其来一段的“粗口Rap”。。。 但是,到最后,还是会慢慢的找回节奏感,做着有节奏感的事、听着有节奏感的歌,继续向前。 嗯,请不要随便打乱我的工作节奏好吗?一个一个来可以吗?

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上个星期六,和一班朋友去唱K,没有意外的,我又点了周杰伦的《安静》来唱,只不过这次唱得有点不同。 原版的《安静》只有钢琴和歌声,可是我们唱的版本却格外激昂,真多亏“和声王”Syuen, 阿明和大佬雄,简直是“高音甜、中音美、低音沉”。。。哈哈,感觉还真不错! 原来,《安静》可以唱得很不安静。。。 嗯,下次应该试试看《爸,我回来了》,应该也会有不错的效果!

Almost forgot….

gosh, i almost forgot i got a blog! until some friends start to using blog recently and they discuss about their post when we have “gathering” yesterday…… i dunno how long i can maintain to keep “blogging” but surely everybody need space to speak something, whatever and whenever they want…… so i’m officially announce…. *kolong… Continue reading Almost forgot….

10 years anniversary

Blackcastle United Team Photo : Back From Left : TuckHeng, LiangShen, YouJie, YongHock, LiiJou, ME Front From Left : TseLim, YongSoon, CheeTat, Jaya, WaiYuan, GuanSong 10 years ago, we are playing football together, all though we are not Ronaldo nor Zidane, but we are enjoy to playing football. I’m miss the enjoyment, we form our… Continue reading 10 years anniversary

United held in Anfield…

Another boring goaless draw for United against rival Liverpool. A big match all the fans waiting for but lack of spark of the big match. United lack of chances to test Jose Reina and captain Roy Keane will be out of 2 months after breaking a bone in his left foot “thanks” to challenge from… Continue reading United held in Anfield…

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