Myojo Instant Noodle

Update : December 28, 2008

Saw Myojo Mee is selling in Carrefour Wangsa Maju, and I guess, Myojo is offcially back to W.Malaysia’s market now… woohoo~!

Update : November 01, 2008

I FOUND MYOJO MI-GORENG PEDAS!!! Wahaha~ finally, after few years, i found it at Mercato d’Marketplace in Pavilion KL! I quickly grab a basket and sapu 4 packs Mi-Goreng Pedas, a pack of Tom Yam and Mi-Poh each. Too bad cannot found the Chicken-Soup flavour, but definitely a joy day for me as I can enjoy the Myojo Pedas again~ wooooohooo~~~~~!

Yum yum~ my favourite mi-goreng is back!!!

Update : October 20, 2008

Recently a Myojo fan like me told me he ask his friend bought a carton of Myojo’s “Mi Goreng Pedas” from Kuching and courier him at W.Malaysia. A carton, yes~! oh man, you are the luckiest person in the world~!!! who can find me a carton of Myojo Mi Goreng Pedas?!

Original Posted : February 01, 2007

I miss Myojo mee, i can’t find any Myojo instant noodles in market since a year ago, no matter in Jaya Jusco, Carrefour, Giant, Cold Storage or even small and big kedai runcit!! WHY?! WHY?! What’s the reason can’t find it anymore?! If somebody know the reason, please let me know…..

Myojo’s “Mi Goreng Pedas” & “Chicken Flavour Soup Mee” always top of my instant noodles chart, especially Mi Goreng Pedas, no others brand’s dry noodles come close to it!

Please~~ bring back Myojo mee to Malaysia’s market~~!


  1. That’s right, why can’t find myojo in M’sia already ah?
    Remember few year ago i ask my mum post a box of myojo mee goreng pedas to Ireland for me oh, then when i went back to M’sia i also bought a box back to Ireland, then i found Myojo in Ireland’s china market, but after that they didn’t import anymore, aihhhh

  2. Haha… you found it first, I found it in June at Tesco Puchong, I grabbed 10 packs!! haha!! Because our whole family loves it… 3 days after that I went again, and they all gone!!! Now I cant find it again!!! Ended up eating Indomie!!!

  3. Hi Zara, thanks for dropping by, nice to meet you 🙂

    Well, nowdays you can find Myojo Mee in most of the Hypermarket or supermarket, i always bought from Carrefour or Jusco. But still only 3 flavours, Myojo Pedas Mee Goreng my 1st choice, but also missing their chicken soup noodle, hope it will available soon…

  4. firstly, the reason why it suddenly stop because the company in srwk had close down. now the singapore had become the manufacturer. so, the price almost double than before.

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