Flashback – Part 1

Sometime, some funny scenes flash back in my mind, it’s all happened around me, it’s sweet, and will make me smile when suddenly cross into my mind. Below is some of the scenes i remember, enjoy!

Title : KamCheong
Starring : Me, Riz and ex-colleague

One day, we are on the way back to Mid Valley from a design book shop in PJ. In the car, Riz was the driver…

Me : “Man! this book is cool, very useful”
Riz : “Yalah! Damn KamCheong wei!”
The rest of us thought he really KamCheong(nervous in cantonese..)
Me : “Don’t KamCheong, Bro. Be Cool” Riz : “Yeah!”
After few minutes, someone hungry…
Colleague A : “Later let’s go and buy popiah, damn hungry lei!”
Riz : “Yeah! That popiah is so KamCheong wei, very nice!”
Me : “Why eat popiah also feel KamCheong?!”
Riz : “Yeah man!….. Eh, what does KamCheong means actually?”

All of us stunned, then laugh out loud!
Me : “Dude, KamCheong is nervous in cantonese la!”
Riz (in laugh as well) : “Oh is it??!! I thought KamCheong means like COOL, BEST or NICE?!”
After that, all of us replace “cool” to “KamCheong” when back to office, lol!

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